Cusco is at 3400m above see level, so it can be a little bit difficult because oxigen level is lower than at home. Luckily we were hiking also in the Carpathians at more than 2000 m and so it was easier to accommodate.

Our guide Eduardo has prepared us to visit Cusco and the surroundings archaeological sites in the first two days.

We have started with the QORI CANCHA, Temple of the Sun, the temple which was covered by golden plates when Pizarro and the spanish have arrived. It was incorporated in an Dominican monastery. It was amazing to see that earthquake proof buildings have been made several hundreds year ago... and luckily after the earthquake in 1950 they still have proofed their resistance.

There are some interesting paintings made by local artists, like the Last Supper and Christ on the Cross. It was also interesting to see a statue of Holy Mary dressed in local clothes and wearing local symbols.

Next stop was at Sacsayhuaman which is a huge preinca arheological site. We have admired how perfect have made the walls, no joints - we can learn from them in our days also. 

Qenqo is located 1 km from Sacsayhuaman and is dedicated to venerate the

 Puma and Pachamama - Mother Earth. The three steps represents the Hanak Pacha - Upper World,

Kay Pacha - Middle World  Uhu Pacha - Under World

Tambomachay was the hunting castle of the Inca.

Pukapukara - a fortress on the road entering the sacred Valley


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