This is the year of the great awakening!

We could either imitate the vast majority and go sleepwalking through life ... Or we could regain control, break the chains that hold us down and reawaken the power of the awakened heart!

We all want to awaken our true powers but often don't know where to start. According to the shamans the solution lies in an ancient seed....Just a seed, first given to ancient teachers, and then carefully passed on from teacher to student.The seed may start off small and rather insignificant, but once it is gifted to a person by another, it has the potential to grow it into a huge, powerful, fruit-bearing tree. It takes time, care, and a lot of love to allow for growth to happen.It carries the message of how one should live in harmony with nature and the ever-evolving momentum of life. A simple wisdom that builds the foundation of our human existence, but somehow it got lost among the distractions of our modern-day society.

Today, our task is to remember and reclaim our human essence through the power of the awakened heart.

Our society, often speaks of power as a masculine attribute that holds hands with force, possession, and control…but did you know the greatest power of all is to live with a gentle heart that is open to giving and receiving love?

It is love that gives us true power.

This sacred seed is more like a map that allows us to find the way back to the true meaning of life.

I remember what an old medicine woman said to me:

"Be careful who your lovers are because you take their imprint with you for the rest of your life".

Through the path of love, we all try to learn the different aspects of love and relationship. We try to find, leave, or abandon love with another person that can mirror ourselves in the most beautiful way. At some point, most relationships come to an end. No matter if they end with beauty or in a storm, in pain or in joy, we must let go of all the hope and dreams that we have pinned onto the other and return them to the fire. We remain thankful for all the beautiful gifts they shared with us and choose to hold them in a place of honor.

We are divine, we are infinite, and we are expansive.We already have all the light and the wisdom within us to stop living a life of suffering. We can be creators, cultivating the resources of the world that we long for...

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