Fate is fatal—time to become your own prophet and visionary!

The shamans have known the secret of what the universe wants to create through us, and how to choose one path over another.

Shamans taught that by connecting to Mother Nature and communicating with Great Spirit, we can understand the deeper meaning of life.

Yet, how do you take control of your own destiny and become a co-creator with spirit?

The truth is destiny is constantly whispering to you to guide you along your path. Stop and listen. You can hear it in the whistling of the wind, the rustle of the leaves, and the murmuring of the brook.

If you learn to listen to the language of nature and the universe, you begin to create a new destiny for yourself and for the planet.
The great news is that we can all remember how to speak this cosmic language again.
Once you open the door to the messages from the invisible world, you will feel the guidance of Mother Nature in every moment.

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