Are we a good match?

We can work together if…

  • You want to change your lifestyle that has brought you in your situation.
  • You want to go deep in your healing, personal and spiritual development journey.
  • You are ready to take responsibility of your life and are looking for tools and support to make the changes you need.
  • You KNOW that there is something wrong with the mainstream narrative and want to learn how to be more connected to your intuition and inner power.
  • Your are tired of the programs of fear, anger and separation that are trying to be imposed on us and want to free and empower yourself.

We will not be a great match if…

  • You want to go further with your former lifestyle, watching TV and scrolling through social media without leaving your comfort zone.
  • Expect a magic pill that will give you all solutions.
  • You thinks that life, others or society is responsible for your current state, and you would be fully happy ‘if only they changed’.
  • You don’t do the given homework and not having an active role in your healing and personal development.
If you want to have a chat with me before booking a session, feel free to email me to book a free consultation and find out if we are a good match!

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