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I studied chemistry in Cluj and obtained my PhD at the University of Miskolc, Hungary. I was offered the opportunity to continue there and pursue a career in science, but due to family reasons, I returned to Cluj. Here, I attempted to obtain a position at the Faculty of Chemistry but failed the exam due to political support given to other candidate.


In 2000, I entered the business world, successfully managing the representation of companies from Austria, Italy, and Slovakia. I traded and provided technical support for chemical products used in the construction industry, as well as anti-corrosion protection systems used in various industries, including hydro, thermal power plants, and even a nuclear power plant. I formed a sales team, achieved excellent results, and had a prosperous career.


While my wife worked for a multinational company, our shared child was primarily cared for by his grandmother. Constantly on the move, both of us grew apart, leading to divorce after 20 years of marriage. I became a weekend father, maintaining a connection with my son. I strived to remain a good father, but I realized that not everything I desired aligned with my son's wishes. I worked on myself to recover after the divorce.


My second marriage brought typical challenges between my new wife and child, resulting in conflicts that strained their relationship. Our stepdaughter also provided valuable lessons. After understanding our mistakes and breaking free from inherited thought patterns, the relationship between them and us normalized. We now have shared programs and are a happy family.

About my Spiritual experience: You are not a diagnosis, You are a living miracle!

At the age of 23, I was told that I suffered from an illness that conventional medicine couldn't cure. It seemed unjust, and for a while, I resigned myself to accepting the diagnosis. After ten years of resignation and seeing my condition worsen, I began to explore alternative methods.


Meditation and Tai Chi were my first steps. I learned to overcome fears by participating in firewalking sessions. In 2016, I met my mentor and friend, Gabriel Bucher. After his energetic treatment, I began to feel my legs again for the first time in decades. I realized I didn't have to wait for external help; I had to undertake my own healing journey. I worked on my fears and limiting beliefs, healing many wounds. I experienced a profound transformation and started feeling in control of my life. I discovered the world of subtle energies, understanding that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are all connected, and our embodiment in this life is just a small step in the evolution of the soul.


At a healing summit, I came across the work of Dr. Alberto Villoldo on shamanic energy healing and felt a strong calling. I knew this was the missing link if I truly wanted to help people heal deeply and undergo a real transformation. Training in this field granted me the ability to work on energetic and soul levels. Clearing imprints from the energy field is faster and more efficient than verbal therapy. I obtained two qualifications from the Four Winds School: "Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine" and "Advanced Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine" and I am listed as a qualified healer on their hopmepage.


During this course, I learned healing techniques from the Q'eros, descendants of the Incas. I met my Andean mentors, Don Eduardo Chura Apaza and his father, Don Francisco Chura Flores. They are Paqos and Eartkeepers. The Q'eros people lived for over 500 years without doctors and hospitals, relying only on the help of Spirit, Mother Earth, and Sacred Mountains. My path of self-healing led me to the heights of the Andes, where I found my lost balance in the ancient knowledge of the Q'eros, becoming a Paqo and healer too. Through their wisdom, we heal our past and maintain balance in the present.


The Nina Paraschivescu Coaching School took me further. Through coaching techniques, we can help clients build a future based on a clean and balanced present. "The architect builds houses - The coach shapes people."


In April and May 2022 I have spent almost a month in Peru doing initiations, ceremonies in the Apus and after completing my Andean Misa I became a Paqo - Andean Priest.

About detailed experience please check Peru experience 2022 and Peru experience 2023 When I led a group interested in healing to go to the Qeros.


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