My mission

My mission is to give you all the tools you need for deep healing, to be able to accelerate your soul evolution and manifest your highest destiny.

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How we can work together

My approach to therapy is a combination of various energy healing techniques. I work with the person as a whole, seeing the big picture of their soul evolution journey.

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  • One to one sessions

    Includes Work on a specific issue

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  • Package of 3 sessions

    Includes Work on specific issues and e-mail support between sessions.

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  • Package of 6 sessions

    Includes Work on specific issues and e-mail support between sessions.

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  • Weekend Retreat

    Includes Working in a special place 48 hours.

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Awaken Your Inner Power

I firmly believe that everyone can live a fulfilling life full of love, abundance and joy.
According to Andean legends each of us has a gold and silver book. The silver book is already written, the gold book is empty.

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You have to accept that you are the only one responsible for your life experiences

IT’S a LIBERATING and EMPOWERING feeling because you have realised you no longer depend on anyone accepting you or approving you to feel good. You no longer depend on luck or global events. You are no longer subject to fate, family patterns or old stories.

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  • Sandor, i would like to thank you personally your healing sessions.Though it was just a few sessions, both were crucial to me. It amazes me how you can see and share the world with such candid honesty, while at the same time making it light and joke about it. ☺️ I was in a really heavy space when you offered help, and your gentle yet firm approach was a pivoting point for my healing. Thank you for doing the work brother, thank you for following your light, your calling and sharing your gifts with the world. ✨

    Marina Dragun - Croatia

  • I have really enjoyed working with Sandor and now feel confident coming to him for future sessions. He quickly gained my trust by demonstrating shamanic knowledge and compassion. He is a powerful and intuitive healer but also a very attentive and caring man. He provided support when I needed even in between sessions. His intuition was spot on when recommending how to address the issue I wanted to work on. I enjoy working with Sandor and recommend him to anyone who is interested in shamanic healing.

    Fabiana Pierce - USA

  • Every shamanic healing session with Sandor has been deep and powerful. Sandor has always been able to identify the core elements of my issues so that quick healing and transformation can happen. He is gentle, calm, patient and a master of the shamanic practices. With his guidance and support I have managed to overcome toxic emotions and patterns that preventing me from been happy and healthy. During and after each session I feel a deep sense of calmness and connection to myself. Thank you Sandor for this beautiful experience!

    Kostas - Greece

  • Hi Sandor, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the session last week. You gave me back my peace and quality of living. I am deeply grateful and your insights into the present energy qualities were also super helpful.

    Monika - Vienna

  • Dear Sandor, thank you! I am off all medications and feeling much better but at the same time I am seeing the source of my stress, it is very interesting since I really feels like I am peeling the layers of the onion and also how healing is happening quite fast.

    Adarshini - Mauritius

  • Sandor, for me it was such an intimate and personal experience that I only feel like telling you

    Thank you I love you. That's all.

    Nicoleta - București

  • After a couple of treatments, my conclusion is that we will continue.

    It is good that there are other ways to help with our physical and mental problems. If I were to take medicine for a complaint, I would rather think on you and I believe that everything will be fine. Thanks for everything .

    Ildikó - Romania

  • I come in contact with Sandor by intuition, something in me give me a "call to". From the very first moment I was covered by his softness and calm behaviors. As always as he worked on my issues, he was concentrated and always in 100% presence! I always feel safe with him especially in challenging times, when I need a pretty clear impulse to find the right direction, so healing could happen."

    Alexandra - Germany

  • Sandor is a gifted healer who walks closely beside his clients on their journey towards healing.

    After my session with Sandor I felt more balanced and lighter.

    We worked on my conflicted relationship to my mother. Sandor mentioned that as I let go of the unhealthy ties to my mother, it will not only free up my energy but also free my mother's own life energy, too.

    Sandor's comment aided my letting go freely, knowing that my healing would also be benefiting my mother.

    Diana - Colombia

  • Sandor is a very talented healer, and he will see through you straight away. He makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed so his sessions are not only transformational but really enjoyable! 100% recommendable.

    Veronica - United Kingdom

  • My experience with Sandor has been amazing. He knows his work well and is sensitive to the energies. He is perceptive and works with added intuitive abilities making him a great healer. Each experience with him has been deeply profound. I am thankful for we crossed paths.

    Jas - India

  • I received a beautiful soul retrieval from Sandor. Through his guidance, I was able clear an issue that had been carried through the women of my family through many generations. I continue to benefit from the gifts and insight I received.

    Nancy C Murray - West Hartford, CT USA

  • I used to believe it, but now I know miracles exist.

    The fact that something is not visible still exists. I have already done several therapies with Sándor, while I have learned how important it is to heal our past and spiritual wounds, to let go of all that we no longer need in the future, in addition to healing our physical body. At the same time, I have learned to be grateful for all the past experiences that have happened to us and to break the negative ties with our ancestors so that neither we nor our descendants can carry these burdens any further.

    It’s a longer process, but it’s worth it because they’re getting healthier and wiser by the day. Thanks!

    Katalin - Romania

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