9 SHAMANIC INITIATIONS Healers Rite, Bands of Protection Rite, Harmony Rite, Seers Rite, Day Keepers Rite, Wisdom Keepers Rite, Earth Keepers Rite, Star Keepers Rite Creators Rite. Extra Rite of the Womb - optional for women  

Munay Ki represents the most profound and transformative rituals originating from the Q'ero shamans of the Andes and the shamans of the Amazon, originating over 30,000 years ago with the keepers of Himalayan wisdom known as the Laika people . Through the 9 rituals the initiators have the ability to transform human consciousness - by changing the matrix, the light pattern of our body activating the quality of DNA so that we age, heal and die differently as our physical body evolves in- a body of light Homo Luminous.

I invite you to participate in one of the main seminars that are the basis of self-transformation and healing, originating from the Inca shamanic tradition. This seminar is intended for those who want to discover themselves, to come to understand and discover their own truth, to overcome the blockages generated by their own accumulated mental and emotional limitations, repressed over time.

This course is a call to assume personal power by integrating ancient knowledge into modern consciousness. You will learn to overcome your own conditioning, by understanding and being aware of the source of the existing experiences, so that through the healing processes you bring to consciousness the capacity and gift existing in your structure, the healing power that resides in each of us. You will have the opportunity to release much of the mental and emotional burden so that you can more easily make the changes you want, expressing yourself as you are, getting closer to inner balance.


During these days - beyond the "normal of our life" - the nine Munay Ki rituals will be received, which represent energetic codes that will change the way you live, you will heal and you will step outside the drama that has led you for so long. Energy rituals will help you heal past karmic wounds and genetic legacies. After receiving the Munay ki initiations you will begin to feel the presence and wisdom of the Light Ones who are outside of time and who dwell in the Infinite. After the 9 initiations your chakras will have the opportunity to be cleansed and shine in their original colors and you will be able to attain what Earth Keepers know as the Rainbow Body of Light.



You will learn and experience Shamanic Practices for growing, strengthening and developing the Light Body:

- Opening the sacred space - By invoking the 4 archetypes, Mother Earth and Heavenly Father, a space with a high vibrational charge is created. Through resonance, the vibration of your body increases, thus facilitating the release of low vibrational energies.

- Expanding the Field of Light – Exploring your own sacred space where you have the opportunity to perceive the direct connection with the Spirit and the rest of the beings of light that support you;

- Breath of Fire – Through the breath of fire we reconnect to the energy of Mother Earth and the Spirit amplifying the personal power of healing and transformation;

- The Ritual of Fire – Being a path of fire we need to grow the seeds received through rituals with fire, thus we benefit from a faster transformation and healing;

- Shamanic meditation - Connecting and becoming aware of the energy of the archetypes that support us: the Snake, the Jaguar, the Hummingbird, the Eagle in the first four chakras and in the upper chakras the three guardians Huascar (Guardian of the Lower World), Quetzalcoatl (Guardian of the Middle World) and Pachacuti ( Guardian of the Upper World);

- Shamanic fumigation – Through fumigation we learn how to clean a space, freeing ourselves from the energies attached or taken from the outside, which can influence us mentally and emotionally;

- Drawings on the Earth - Through this technique we release the energy load accumulated by maintaining patterns and beliefs taken over or socially imposed, facilitating the process of awareness and healing of one's own wounds;

- Change of perception - Looking at any problem through the eyes of the archetypes we have the opportunity to understand on every level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) the cause of our own manifestations and at the same time to see what is the solution for healing and personal transformation.


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